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Learn the Habits You’ll Need along the Way

If you want help understanding your credit report, tracking expenses and balances, communicating with your credit bureau or investigating the risks and benefits of an impending financial decision, know that you have The Personal Credit Diary in your corner. You’ll receive personalized advice from qualified experts who know exactly how to navigate lending, credit and credit reporting. We’ll work with you, teaching you money management habits that will last a life-time and leave you better prepared for whatever is ahead. When you’re facing a major change in your financial commitments, or even collections and bankruptcy, The Personal Credit Diary can serve as an important resource.

Don’t Make Important Credit Decisions Alone

When Butcher tried to buy a car several years ago, she was in for an unpleasant surprise – her credit was not up to par. Having successfully improved her own credit, she became committed to helping others do the same. If you’re in need of credit services or credit education, Ella and the team at Personal Credit Diary can make their personal dedication an asset to your search for a new and improved credit rating.  If you’re considering a mortgage, financing, refinancing or a loan, find peace of mind knowing that The Personal Credit Diary is on your side.

​​​The Personal Credit Diary

Offering Comprehensive Credit Advice!

The Personal Credit Diary is a credit education program that specializes in teaching people the essential habits they’ll need for establishing good credit, or for making major financial decisions. We offer one-on-one in-person consultations, phone consultations, and credit education classes. No matter what your location or your circumstances, we’re here to help. It all started when founder Ella Butcher published her book Personal Credit Diary: My Personal Credit Diary, an expert credit resource that lets lenders track their activities and create smart long-term borrowing plans. We have over 17 years of experience in the credit industry, and we’re passionate about helping you on your way to a better credit score.

Having good credit

Is often the key to many things that we desire in life. Our credit score influences what homes we can buy, the type of cars we can purchase, auto and homeowners  insurance rates, business surety bonds and sometimes the jobs that we can get. With that being said, having good credit can open as many doors as it slams closed in many people’s face. The purpose of Painting Away Bad Credit Diary is to establish and fortify an individual’s credit worthiness by improving their credit ratings. This diary can be instrumental in helping first time homeowners buy their dream homes or while allowing home owners maintain their home ownership preventing foreclosure. In addition, it can help to correct or stabilize any one that has and will utilize credit. This  diary can  be used as a reference tool to help guide people with their credit endeavors alongside the comprehensive credit board, specifically designed to help people visualize their credit dreams.

Painting Away Bad Credit Diary provides insight on how to manage their bills and the benefits that it produces. This book allows readers to gain insight on how they can maintain and manage their credit and restore or fortify their credit standings. The diary will teach readers how to properly read credit reports and how to consolidate and maintain their debt. Many people become entangled in trying to balance their financial obligations and as result many of their bills become  delinquent. The credit diary seeks to help people create healthy credit habits through smart  budgeting and planned spending. The Credit Diary is a vehicle to help familiarize college students with the right tools, while guiding them and teaching the importance of budgeting, the use of credit and the  consequences of misusing credit whiling informing them of ongoing legal matters they may face in the future.

The Personal Credit Diary can give small business owners the tools of empowerment to propel their business forward by providing tips on how to properly utilize their credit. Many business owners  begin their business endeavors poorly by disrupting their credit by taking out loans as start-up money and not having the money to repay them back. The credit diary can provide insight to up and coming business owners on how to manage their loans through consolidation and "beneficial" repayment agreements.

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