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​​Peaches and Cream Foundation

About us

Peaches and Cream Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2004 and established as a 501 (c) (3) organization in 2007 to address the need of the founder, Ella Butcher for a mentoring program for underserved and at-risk girls in disadvantaged, overlooked, and rural communities. The name of the organization stems from Ms. Butcher’s Georgian roots, with “cream” referencing a Biblical verse referring to God’s blessings (Job 29). The organization originated in a Philadelphia Housing Development Community Center with five dedicated young ladies as students. Since 2004, Peaches and Cream Foundation have developed into an innovative and impactful mentoring and internship program, drawing on the experiences of Ms. Butcher’s youth and the forging of strong community and college partnerships to bring positive encouragement as well as team-building activities to youth and college students.

To give participants opportunities for self-expression, loving guidance, and academic success, Peaches and Cream Foundation run a mentoring, out-of-school time, and dance program. The out-of-school time program has extended its focus to address the youths’ demonstrated need to develop skills needed for career development. The organization’s new curriculum teaches entrepreneurship, digital and computer skills, financial and reading and writing literacy, public speaking, and personal development. Ms. Butcher’s newly designed programs are dedicated to e-mentoring, mobile learning, and mental health advocacy.”

Since 2012, Peaches and Cream Foundation has also served as a community service clerical site for individuals, enrolled at the Pennsylvania programs for welfare-to-work. The program teaches the participants to become self-sufficient through Ella’s three E’s: Empowerment, Encouragement, and Education!

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​​​​ Goals and Vision

  PNCF prides itself on constantly expanding and re-defining its    focus to meet the demonstrated need of our children and the community it serves.

   Goals for the future include:

  • Replicating our mentorship and internship program worldwide.
  • Exploring partnerships with businesses and community-based organizations.

  • Supporting and Teaching youth the importance of discovering their purpose, personal development, digital and technology skills, achieving academic success, reading, spending more time studying, goal setting, financial literacy, and the consequences of misusing creditworthiness at a young age, while informing them of ongoing legal matters they may face in the future.
  • Raising mental health awareness.
  • Providing e-mentoring, mobile learning services, and resources to children with disabilities and mental health challenges,  military children, at -risk youth and families in underserved, disadvantaged, overlooked, and rural communities.