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Help Us End Child Poverty " In Loving Memory of Seth A. Joyal"

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 How We Are Helping Children in Poverty

Peaches and Cream Foundation improves the lives of our deprived youth by providing necessities, vital benefits services and programs that support continuous growth along with opportunities that prepare them for future success. Our mainstay programs create a safe haven for children of all ages while our comprehensive youth programs position youth for adult-hood helping them become self-sufficient leaders in their communities. We accomplish this by focusing on the following areas.


The surest way out of poverty is education. Unfortunately, families in poverty sometimes consider education as luxury and even those who value it often find it difficult to afford. We support basic education by providing after school programs and school supplies.  Additionally, our foundation provides personal developmental programs and vocational training.


Peaches and Cream Foundation is devoted to protecting children rights. Our community offers a fostering environment, caring staff, and trained volunteers, who all provide much-needed care and support while serving as positive role models. Centers also offer a safe haven, reading labs, youth cafes for children to play and meeting spaces for our youth.


Good nutrition is difficult to maintain for families in poverty who are already struggling to afford basic essentials for their children. We provide frequent screenings for children that detect malnutrition and provide resources for those who need it. In addition, our nutrition education programs helps parents prepare more home cooked meals which encourages their children to make healthier choices when it comes to what they eat.


Children living in severe poverty are subject to major health concerns every day. By providing proper medicine and resources for regular medical checkups, we make certain our children become healthier as they grow, In addition, we will provide resources for regular dental and specialized medical treatment as well.

 Disaster Awareness

When disasters happen in the communities we serve, Peaches and Cream Foundation will assess  the needs of the community and will help with food, water or shelter. Our relief partner’s efforts run the field from disaster-awareness training and drills to providing safe places for children or housing for families in need.

 Material Relief

We collaborate with other organizations and supporters to offer a broad range of items. These are items such as shoes, clothing, medication, school supplies, household items, education assistance, scholarships and much more. This is supplied to deprived children, their families and their communities worldwide.

Youth Development

Our exceptional Youth Development Programs are designed to help youth ages 11 to 17 develop their personal character, morals and life/ social skills that prevent that child from dropping out of school. This causes them to make informed decisions, which aides them in becoming leading adults who have the potential of improving their communities as well as their own lives.

Youth Workforce

Peaches and Cream Foundation teen entrepreneur program for children builds a solid foundation for them to take the next step: employment & business ownership.  Preparing disadvantaged youth to become successful self-sufficient young adults takes specialized programs to ensure that they gain the life skills they'll need to find a place in today's economy.

 Community Development Support

One of the best ways to impact a child’s life in poverty is to improve the community in which they live and empower residents to make possible changes. We have an array of community- aid programs that impact children and their families daily.