Help Us End Child Poverty " In Loving Memory of Seth A. Joyal"

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​​Peaches and Cream Foundation

Sponsorship Benefits 

Peaches and Cream Foundation sponsorship program is designed to impact every stage of a child's life. By sponsoring a child you provide valuable life changing services to one disadvantaged child. You equip them with a wide range of vital benefits, access to quality education and the incredible amount of support from our staff. You take part in providing these benefits for our children and so much more.

 How Sponsorship Helps Children in poverty

Our basic benefits help reduces the daily encounters of child poverty and guide our youth at risk children toward happier, more fruitful futures.

They include:

  • Health care, dental care and medicine
  • Nutritional support
  • Educational Resources to educate children
  • Family assistance and emergency aid
  • Signature life skills programs
  • Supportive Youth Programs


Sponsorship won’t only change a child’s life – it will change yours, too. Here are just a few of the things you get when you sponsor the children:

  • Will be acknowledged  in public speeches, board meetings and interviews with the press
  • Will be invited to a private tour of your facility and able to take photos for the local business journals
  • Will be placed in a worldwide ad in their industry trade publication thanking them for their generosity
  • Will be showcased and recognized for their sponsorship on our staff/ volunteers to individual social media platforms
  • Will receive  VIP tickets to special events
  • Will have the chance to make a friend for life by helping children escape poverty!
  • Will be highlighted in the upcoming Peaches and Cream magazine which are full of stories about our sponsors impact on the lives of families in poverty
  • Will receive an invitation for the annual appreciation ceremony for sponsors