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Kris Limaye is a global Executive Recruiter with Royal Philips where he helps identify top global executives across the Medical Device, Consumer, and Lighting Sectors. Kris was one of the founding members of Philips Executive Search Services and served as an integral part of its rapid growth to larger global entity. Mr. Limaye has extensive experience in recruiting ranging from a top national CPA firm, to a few boutique and national contingency staffing firms. Kris has worked directly with clients in the High Tech, Pharmaceutical, Venture Capital, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Education industries.

 Kris also brings several years of marketing experience through his work at John Hancock, Boston Financial Corporation and SRC Systems. Mr. Limaye has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Boston College and an MBA in e-Business from the University of San Francisco. Kris has lived and worked in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, and Melbourne, Australia and currently resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife and daughter.

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