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Grace Joyal is  a journalist with a love for producing news that makes viewers question their norms and feel inspired to act. She goes to work every day with the intention of gathering the facts and reaction in a creative way, while reinforcing my station’s place in the community. Weaving well-crafted writing through sound, video, graphics and live elements,  she brings a newscast to life.

She's been working at KTVZ, the NBC affiliate in Bend, Oregon, since I graduated in May of 2013 from UNC-Chapel Hill. Currently, she is the assignment editor and 5 p.m. producer. In my two years working with this team,  she has grown to be a respected leader. Reporters look to me for guidance, and they know what I expect from them every day. My leadership role has put me in situations where I’m forced to make quick, pointed decisions. Whether sorting through an ethical dilemma, or adjusting for a lost live shot, she stays calm,  focused and communicative.

She's also comfortable on the other side of the camera and has challenged herself to become a thorough reporter and trustworthy anchor. In addition to her daily job, has gone live, covered breaking news and turned in-depth reports as a one-man band. A storytelling background, combined with her producing and leadership skills, has really helped her excel on-air.