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For over twenty years, Ms. Ella Butcher has been writing on and offering her services to the community of Greater Philadelphia. She is the founder and President of Butcher Investers, LLC, a consulting firm that specialize in business & personal development. The company also provides real estate, housing, and credit consultations to its clients, as well as programs in credit education. Ms. Butcher’s belief in the importance of financial literacy has led to her recent publication of a Personal Credit Diary (2009), from which she teaches in her course offered by Temple University’s Pan-African Studies Community Education Program.

In 2004, Ms. Butcher founded the national women’s professional motorcycle organization Peaches and Cream Professional Women Motorcycle Organization (abbreviated as Peaches and Cream MC), with chapters in New York, Philadelphia, Georgia, and Florida. In addition to identifying as female professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts, members are deeply involved in their communities, organizing and participating in many community outreach events, including an annual charity ride to raise funds for lupus awareness.

 In 2007, Ms. Butcher expanded the focus of her chapter of Peaches and Cream to provide youth services for a community in need. From her headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia, Ms. Butcher chartered a performing arts program for at-risk girls, ages 11-17. The program aimed to give teenage girls the valuable leadership, self-esteem, and social skills resulting from instruction in music, modeling, and the development of a dance performance team. Since the organization’s registration as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Ms. Butcher has expanded her services to encompass youth counseling, academic tutoring, a summer academy, a teen entrepreneurship program, and an after-school program located within the Philadelphia School District. Peaches and Cream, Inc.’s South Philadelphia area, acts as a valuable community center, offering Ms. Butcher’s youth services to school-age children, and financial - political literacy services to the adult community.

 Ms. Butcher’s already expansive dedication to service and affecting change expands beyond Philadelphia. She is involved with politics at both state and local levels: Pennsylvania State Representative W. Curtis Thomas appointed in (2009) Ms. Butcher the Gaming liaison for Business and Community Outreach Coordinator. In 2006, Ms. Butcher was appointed to the position of Executive Director(overseeing 67 counties) of the Pennsylvania New Majority Council for the Pennsylvania State Republican Deputy Chair Renee Amoore, an organization that aims to increase minority political awareness and participation. In 2013, Ms. Butcher was nominated as the first African-American Republican candidate for Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge.

 For fifteen years, Ms. Ella Butcher has embodied her motto of “live to work; don’t work to live.” Known to the community as a tireless, passionate force with an energy that is almost “magical,” Ms. Butcher has dedicated her life to giving back to the city she has grown to call her home, offering financial, political, and youth-based services indispensable to the community at large.