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Her vision continues to grow and has just recently built the nation’s first non-profit dollar store/ youth cafe' which teaches youth how to start and manage a business. Peaches and Cream Foundation also offers mentoring programs that involve scholarships, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, teen entrepreneurs & business leadership, and wealth creation/financial education. There is an outstanding sisterhood program that is constantly providing service within the communities as well. As you can see this program is truly life changing for the children of today. It teaches them so many skills regardless of what walk of life you come from. More importantly it has dramatically reduced violence within many communities world-wide.

Ella’s long term goal is to replicate this organization worldwide going into the schools, inner cities, poverty stricken areas and communities that truly need help. This will continue to help decrease violence among our youth and it will reduce the amount of children who drop out of the school system. Peaches and Cream Foundation will be instrumental in providing hope and purpose for children today and those children who are yet to come. 

We Need Your Help

11 years after founding Peaches and Cream Foundation, Inc a 501(c) (3) entity tax exempt, Ella Butcher sincerely needs your help continuing her vision . Due to the growth of this foundation and the growing need for outreach across the world, Ella has ran out of all her financial resources. Due to her mother's recent sickness, she became her full time care giver while she is in hospice. This forced her to take extended time off because of the lack of money and assistance available to her mother.
You are talking about a woman who has literally given up everything for these children. This is truly why she needs your help. This is not a fly by night company or a woman who started this organization just for funding. This foundation has been active and growing for the past 11 years. She had a vision and gave up everything she had to offer affordable QUALITY services to the less fortunate youth in inner cities. She has exposed thousands of children to resources they would normally never be exposed to. Moving forward Ella’s goals are to raise money for other organizations that service the youth, single parent veterans with children, to build a brand new headquarters facility including business and athletic mentor-ship programs (tennis, golf, business leadership, basketball,) and to purchase a van for transporting the youth.  Other things needed will be funding for employees and administrative costs. There are now chapters in New York, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and several more states. As the need for this program continues to grow, it is important to have these resources to be able to service the many thousands of children. Funding will also go towards providing non-profit dollar stores in every state where the foundation currently has chapters. Providing jobs for youth is another reason we need your financial support. Keeping youth employed will keep them involved, motivated, and away from the potential violence in their communities. 

The Impact
There are countless organizations that you can contribute to. I want you to truly understand where your donation is going and why you should be confident in your giving. Extending your resources to the Peaches and Cream foundation will be changing the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of children today. Ella needs your support to continue to further her vision and the youth now depend on you. Many of you are parents and have daughters or sons. Think about their generation and the opportunity you have now to be a part of this worthy cause. Your donation will ensure that this foundation will continue to grow throughout the entire country.

We know that not everyone has the financial resources to contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help:

Get the word out and spread the word about this campaign.  Tell your family, mentors, and anyone you can possibly think of. Share the link on social media, with your friends, and employers.

Thank you all for your potential generous contributions and for helping Ella change the world one child at a time.

Peaches and Cream Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) entity; your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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