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Donate Campaign Story!

Ella Butcher is a caring God Loving woman that has always loved people and she has always had a heart for nurturing the lives of children in poverty. She has made incredible sacrifices for her foundation such as giving up a successful mortgage company, her standard of living, even losing her home, and not visiting her out of town relatives for the holidays . She has always made sure the needs of the children are met first. Ella used all of her own money with the help of close friends to financially support the Peaches and Cream Foundation. Her life has been dedicated to helping children and teenagers towards a better future.

This is the reason why she founded the Peaches and Cream Foundation over 11 years ago. Her growing passion led her to politics where she knew that she could be a more influential advocate for the children. She has quickly became a voice for at risk youth. Because her increasing popularity and the powerful change she has made in her community, Ella Butcher was given the title “Ms. Republican". Stressing the message that she is a “different kind of Republican”, Ella continues to fight hard for the overall development of young people nationwide. The children that are involved in the Peaches and Cream Foundation have a new-found zeal for life and are learning how to be productive members of society.

The foundation has created dance and music as an incentive making it educational but fun. As a result, this has led to the learning of team work, friendship, self-esteem, discipline, as well as good improvements to their overall health. Ella truly believes in this program has led to the children performing at various events, fundraiser, and recitals. This has had a tremendous impact in the schools throughout the country.